Health: Lactose Intolerance on Babies

What is Lactose?

It is the principal sugar found in breast milk which plays a vital role in your child's growth and development. It helps in brain development and it also increases the absorption of iron, zinc and iron.

By nature, most babies are born with a tolerance for lactose. This is why breastmilk remain the best food. An infant is said to suffer from lactose intolerance when he has reduced ability to digest lactose from breastmilk and other products that contain milk.
Undigested lactose remains unabsorbed in the gut, and when acted upon by bacteria produce gas and acids leading to restlessness, irritability, soft stools, diarrhea and flatulence in babies.

There are two types of Lactose Intolerance
* Primary Lactose Intolerance
This is the easiest to identify because right after birth, the baby negatively reacts to breastmilk and all other substitutes that contain lactose.

* Secondary
It requires temporary lactose-free feeding to replace the baby's regular diet. this is often a result of continuous diarrhea or viral infection. Your child requires to undergo a milk challenge test before reintroducing formula that contains regular lactose.

In these occasions, you should get a help from your child's pediatrician and don't experiment on what you feed to your child.

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