For the very first time this year, we both have made it up until after 2 movies. It's not like a milestone to celebrate but that means a lot to me and to hubby. We challenged each other the first one to fall asleep before we finished the two movies will get to do all the house chores the next day while the other one will have his/her ME TIME!

Well we don't actually thought much about the challenge because we both enjoyed the movies, it's just sometimes it happens that we don't agree on the same movies, so the other one ended up snoring before we reached the mid part of the second movie.

Last night, we watched:

The VOW starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams
Far and Away starring  Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

I picked The Vow. Oh No, not only because of Channing Tatum, the sexiest man alive. My husband actually gets jealous when I mentioned Channing more than two times in a day, haha. I picked this movie because the title itself already appeals to me. So, I thought this movie could be similar to The Notebook, which is my all time fave movie. About the story, it revolves around a husband who fights so hard just to help his wife recover her memory. After a tragic car accident, his wife suffered from a major memory loss. It was such a very touching story, for me. You will see how a husband loves his wife so much that he finds way, the best that he can just to win her back. It kinda leave the audience hanging at the end of the story because it didn't tell if they still end up together or if the ex-wife (because they divorced because the girl really cannot remember he married the guy and that is also her parents decision) gained her memory back. I am pretty sure Channing have melted a lot of girl's heart not only for his remarkable role but also with the sexy scene, although not too sexy but he is smokin hot on the scene that he showed his behind. Haha I won't admit I am one of those girls who got an unexplicable joy, lol. I really think Rachel is so stupid in this movie that she just let a man as handsome and faithful as Channing to slip away. I like the story, it's not far from reality and it somehow touched my heart when Channing was crying after he gave up on her. I could relate because I was in the same situation before and the pain was just killing.

My hubby picked Far and Away because he was a fan of the old sweethearts Tom and Nicole. He was one of those fans who wished they worked things out and end up together. Far and Away was made when hey were still together. We both enjoyed this romantic comedy film. The story happened on the year 1893, can you imagine? Those old times, when the ladies have to cover their skin below the neck to toe. Me and hubby burst out laughing in some scenes that they introduced themselves as siblings to people in Boston. I admired Nicole's determination. Her character here is a lady from a rich family, she is so brave, hard headed, driven and a bit sarcastic. She did her best to win the big land race and get herself a piece of land she could call her own. I like the story, it was longer than the first movie we watched but really I could say that it's really worth our time. This is a movie I won't feel weary to watch again. They look so perfect together and while watching the movie, how I also wish they ended up together in real life.