As you probably know all too well, living in Florida can be very hot. Living in a hot climate also means that you probably spend a lot of money on utility bills to cool your home. In fact, the one of most expensive appliance you will ever run is a central air conditioner. Some estimates say that up to 50% of your utility bill is spent on cooling your building. As Sunset Air Inc. can tell you, there are ways that you can reduce your cooling bill. Following are three tips for effective AC maintenance:

• Keep the unit free and clear of debris.
• Get a tune-up regularly.
• Look for flexible maintenance plans.

Keep the Unit Free of Debris
Air conditioning units need to be kept free of dirt and other debris. Make sure that nothing is within a foot of the unit. If you have shrubs, weeds, or other plants growing around the AC unit, make sure they are removed. Debris around the unit allows dust, dirt, and other small particles to clog the air filters earlier than necessary. When the air flow is restricted, the effectiveness of the unit is impaired.

Get a Tune Up on a Regular Basis
Manufacturers recommend that you get your air conditioning unit tuned up twice a year. If you can’t do it that often, at minimum, it is critical that you get a tune up at least once a year. A tune up will allow a technician to clean the inside of the appliance. Prices vary for tune ups, but the amount that you spend on a tune up caneasily be made up by operating a more efficient applianc

Look for Flexible Maintenance Plans
Some companies will give you a better rate or preferred service if you sign a maintenance plan. Before you commit a maintenance plan, be sure to ask for all thedetails about their plans. Make sure the plan is flexible enough to meet your needs. In addition, if you have any questions, feel free to call a company like Sunset Air Inc. for more specific details. After you have researched several different companies, select one that will work with your needs and schedule best.