This is my busiest Saturday for this year. I just had a two hour sleep because I needed to finish up all my online jobs so I can dedicate my whole weekend with the kids and I can also do a general house cleaning. I thought I was able to have everything done on a Friday night. But all the work took me Saturday morning to finish up. 

It was 7 in the morning when I finished and I started my general house cleaning right away. I still haven't got the whole cleaning done yet when I received an email to finish up a surprise task which has the same day deadline. 

arg..Situations like this, suicidal. 

Emergency tasks like this only happens once in two months but heck why today! 

So I had a need to sit on my desktop and snatch up a few hours. I never felt more relieved after I finished my online task. It means, finally I will be able to spend the remaining time of the day with my family. 

We supposed to go out and do some shopping with the kids but hubby's friends arrived so we just postponed the activity. I just turn the computer on and let the two little boys watch kiddie shows in youtube. I just stay with them in the bedroom. 

What happened next, I almost jump out of bed when I saw the wall clock at 6 in the evening and I can tell by looking at the window, its already dark outside. I turn the computer on 4 in the afternoon and it was already 2 hours past. I can't believe that's how dog tired I was that I just suddenly fell asleep when I supposed to be watching after my kids.

I saw the kids on their own plates ready for dinner. Hubby coming out from the kitchen with the fish fillet he promised to prepare.

After the dinner, the kids went to bed early that left me and hubby a free time. Marathon is the best bonding we both have during weekend nights. I am glad this exhausting day is almost over.