Congratulations Son!

I don't know how I neglected to publish this post. I guess that is how busy I am lately. I have been bombarded with a lot of activities that I failed to notice a lot of things.

Nonetheless, I am forever a proud parent to my sons. Both of them growing up like how me and husband wanted them to become. They never fail to give us something to smile about every moment each day.

This last school year, as always, my eldest made it to the honor roll. Third honor just like last year. Ever since he started school four years ago, it has been expected that I will walk with him on each recognition day to the stage to wear a medal on his neck. He already has a total of six medals and two ribbons. It is really something his loved ones' so proud of.

It only shows his dedication to learn remains. I thought his interest in studies get lesser as he get too busy with his everyday activities like playing and watching tv. But he  knows how to keep it balanced. I adore him so much.

I always remind him to always take things easy, put his best foot forward but never pressure himself. After all, he's still a kid. I want him to enjoy everything he do.
As parents, we are here with them every step of the way.

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