DIY: Clutter Organizer Using Recycled Boxes

With three boys, our house can never be clutter-free for more than an hour. I am pretty sure most moms could relate on that. I was cleaning our messy room yesterday and had collected a lot of litter, dried-out nail polishes, scrap and useless boxes. It pop up in mind why not make those pieces useful again. And since I have been meaning to do DIY projects with my son, I took a crack. Recycling is one of the best way to reduce garbage and clutter at home. 

This DIY project is inspired by a project I recall when I was still in elementary school. I thought to turn the useless boxes of my skincare product and makeup palette into a useful organizer than throwing them into trash. So most probably, I made a clutter organizer out of clutters. 

Here are the steps on how I made a clutter organizer which also made me make use of the duct tapes I receive from the DIY:Event I attended last Sunday.

TADAA... the finish product!

I should have put a design so it's not too plain. I will work for that today. Nevertheless, I made a decent organizer for small stuff. The widest pocket, I can make use for important receipts and statement bills. 

This summer, I am pretty sure that I will be able to produce more DIY ideas.

Stay Tuned.


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