Fiametta's Bella Dolce Matte Lipsticks Review

A girl's makeup is never complete without any lip product on. I remember, I was in 4th year high school when I started using lipstick. I was too conscious about my upper lip, which is noticeably darker and only lipsticks can cover it up. That is how my love for lipsticks commenced. Just in time that I am looking to try new brands of matte lipsticks when  Fiametta sent me two of their new best selling Bella Dolce Matte Lipsticks in the shades Like Kim and Like Taylor. Yehey! 

Fiametta is a retail company that offers high quality cosmetics, body care, baby care, travel kits, and whitening products that are proudly Pinoy made. Fiametta is an Italian word which means "strong little fiery one". A perfect description to the modern effervescent woman who is always on the go. Fiametta brings high quality products at affordable prices.

Bella Dolce Matte Lipstick is their latest cosmetic products. I researched on what the words Bella Dolce mean and I found out that it is Italian translation for 'sweet beautiful female'. Just correct me if I am wrong. *grins*

Fiametta sent me two shades: Like Taylor and Like Kim

Like Taylor (red shade)
Pigmented and creamy. 
Packs a punch of color with just one application.

It's a lovely shade on which makes this one of my new favorites. The red shade is not intimidating, but if you opt to wear this kind of red, you gotta go minimal for the rest of your makeup. However, you can always control how much of the product to use according to your desired effect. You can just dab it gently on your lips then press your lips together if you only like to achieve lighter shade of red. 


Like Kim (nude with pink-peach undertone)

Pigmented and creamy.
Recommended for medium toned girls.

When I swatched it, it looks like it has a lil hint of glitters but when it's already on lips, those lil glittery gone. I feel that this shade goes best with smokey eye makeup and also can make your makeup looks so soft with a 'light kind of makeup' on. It goes on smoothly on lips. It's not too pale like other nudes but it registers a fresher look on the face of the person wearing it. I suggest to use a light pink lip liner with this. To maintain pigment and intensity requires reapplication every hour or so. 


They have same scents. I really love the smell because it doesn't even smells like a lipstick, it smells more of a bubble gum that eventually faints after few minutes.


I soo love the packaging because it looks classy for me! It comes on a sleek silver metal like cylinder which portrays elegance. It has Bella Dolce logo stamped in the cap. The sticker on the bottom determines the shade of the lipstick with the shade name written on it and a simple direction on how to use it. The cap has sound lock, it locks tight so no more lipstick caps on the loose on your makeup kits. 


Wears off after 6 hours with eating and drinking. Just like other lipsticks that I have tried, it transfers when you eat or drink.


You can buy from their stalls, CLICK HERE for the locations. They also have an online store, CLICK HERE


The Bella Dolce Matte Lipstick is tagged for a very affordable price of Php280.00. 


Yes! To shell out Php280.00 for a local brand lipstick that has a good quality, there is really nothing I can complain about.

This might not be the best in the market but these two lippies are really great additions to my lipstick collection. I hope ladies learn to patronize local made cosmetics. This lipstick doesn't disappoint since the quality also falls to the same level of other imported branded lipsticks. There isn't much difference with other branded lippies except for the price. Lately, I often use the Like Taylor Shade. Just so you know, I receive compliments from hubby and friends each time I use it. *flattered face*

I see myself buying other shades they have and also try other cosmetic and skin care products available on their online store. 

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Disclosure: FIAMETTA has provided the author with the products reviewed above. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.

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