Kiddie Easter Project

4:25 AM


I was wondering why my son asked for some egg shells. It never registered to me that he will make an Easter project. It's probably because this is the very first time he will do an activity of egg painting for the Easter.

 I am glad he initiated to do a project, maybe he is a bit bored about the school vacation. I am actually on the search for some summer activities like sport related or music related summer workhops to be held nearby just to keep himself busy for the two months of school vacation. 

In the mean time, this kind of activity is perfect to kill his boredom and one great way to practice his creativity.  

I am glad he was able to finish his Easter project. 

Mommies, your child can also do this at home. It's also more fun if you do it together. :)

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  1. Oh how nice! :) Sis, these are used eggs, right? How did you put them back together? What adhesive did you use?

    1. No need for adhesive sis. You'll need a pin or sewing needle. Poke holes in the top and bottom of the egg. Then, blow into the hole and you will eventually get the white and yolk out. The egg wont be broken, but it will only have two little holes in it. :)

  2. Wow! Such a talent kid one. This is good acitivity for children. Instead of facing computer and playing this kind of creative activity could help a lot in nurturing your child.

  3. nice projects for kids on easter sunday!


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