Dream Kitchen

I love visiting different pages and websites to look for recipe ideas. I am actually trying my best to learn more recipes for my family. I am slowly learning, I have made several recipes which I will also share here on my blog soon. I need to learn more about food presentation first, lol. Internet is a big help for me  especially when the food looks tempting, it makes me drool and prepare  it as well. I am so glad that I finally realized that I needed to learn the moves in the kitchen, haha. Before, I don't even know how to slice veggies and I was quite unfamiliar with kitchen tools. Please don't think I came from a luxurious life because I did not. I just happened to exposed myself at work in a very early age that all that I wanted to do while growing up is to make ways on how to earn moolah. to help support myself on school expenses. That has made me no time to sit on the kitchen and help my mom do the cooking. Okay, is that really an excuse? lol. Please be considerate.*pleading face*

But then I suddenly thought what kind of kitchen do I like, or should I say my dream kitchen. I don't have enough budget to even make it happen but who knows, in the near future!

So here the kitchen designs that really caught my interest. If I already have the fortune to shape my kitchen, I will go on any of these. I also suggest these designs to whoever plans to renovate their kitchen or to anyone who plans to build a house. These are great designs, why not?

Photo credits:

Photo Credits:

Anything from the photo above appeals to you? Any particular kitchen designs that you like? Share on the comment section below!

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