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As parents we always want the best for our kids and we do everything just to make sure they are in their best condition. However, there are still instances that we don't have any control of. 

Whenever any of my sons got sick, I worry a lot. I am like a spinning top looking for the bestest way to make them feel better. 

Just like when there were two consecutive days of intense heat all morning til afternoon then sudden pour at night. It worried me a lot that this changing mood of weather caused mild cough to my precious son. These unexpected weather changes cause cough and cold viruses spread easily, giving flu-like symptoms similar to what you experience during rainy season. 

Good thing, I am always ready for situations like this. It is always importanmt that parents are equipped with ways on how to deal on this situation before it gets worse.

If someone from your family catches summer cough and colds, here are safe, natural and equally effective ways to cure it:

  • Take plenty of fluids. Aside from the summer heat, cough and colds bring dehydration. Drinking water is important to keep fluids and flush toxins from the body. This also maintains the body’s electrolyte balance. One good source of hydration and electrolytes is chicken soup. Though it may sound weird to take something hot during summer, chicken soup helps reduce inflammation and make mucus thinner.

  • Rest and relax. When you notice that you’re feeling sick, do not ignore it and go on with your normal, daily routine. Slow down and rest so it won’t get worse. But if you can’t take the day off, at least try to go to bed earlier than usual.

  • Hot showers. Taking hot baths can be the worst possible feeling, especially when it’s really hot outside. But its steam works like a natural decongestant which relieves cold symptoms. It lessens sinus pressure, moisturizes nasal passages and soothes itchy throat. It even makes the body feel relaxed.

  • Avoid caffeine, salty, spicy food and refined sugars. Caffeine, usually found in coffee, tea and chocolate, is a psychoactive stimulant drug which dehydrates the body. As being hydrated is important to treat cough and colds, caffeine should be avoided. Also, excessive intake of salty, spicy food and refined sugars speed up the body’s system, causing dehydration as well.

And after I gave Lagundex syrup to my son, the next day, his cough was gone. I swear to herbal formulated medications because they are very effective not only for kids but also to adults. 

Lagundex Syrup is available in 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottle.

Here is the dosage and administration:

Lagundex, a brand of Lagundi leaf, is guaranteed safe as it strictly complies with the manufacturing requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with certified facilities to ensure its quality and efficacy.

Lagundex 300 mg/5 mL syrup comes in sweet orange and peppermint flavors suited for kids, while the Lagundex Forte 600 mg/5 mL syrup in soothing mint flavor and Lagundex 600 mg tablet are ideal for adults. These are available in leading drugstores.

Lagundex is also available in the form of capsules for adults available in 250mg. I always make sure I have this in my medicine cabinet. I take one capsule right away when my throat feels a bit rough an I already assume cough.

Lagundi is the only extensively studied cough remedy herbal preparation in the Philippines today. The National Integrated research Program on Medicinal Plants )NIRPROMP) has validated scientifically the ancient poular knowledge and practices of our traditional healers.

Lagundex Syrup is manufactured by:

La Croesus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Lagundex is distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC). For more information, ask your doctor about Lagundex or call NMPC hotlines at (02) 836-5838 to 47. Visit


And now that I have shared my Lagundex story, it's time for a flash giveaway. You'll also get a chance to try Lagundex syrup. I will be giving away TWO LAGUNDEX GIFT PACKS. I will not ship the prizes so winners must be willing to pick up the prizes in Pasig on the given date. 

Each Gift packs contain: 
3 bottles of 5ml Lagundex syrup
1 FAN 
1 Notebook
The giveaway is open for Philippines residents only. Please complete all the mandatory task on the rafflecopter below. The TWO winners will be notified thru email and will be announced here in my blog and facebook page. Goodluck!



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