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Me and my kids hardly get a chance to go out with my everdearest mom. She was away for few weeks and were all glad that she's back home. When I was invited to dine-in at Movie Stars Cafe, I thought this could be a perfect chance to bond with her so I grabbed the chance and took the kids with us.

Movie Stars Cafe is located along Sea Side Blvd. in Mall of Asia. It is a movie-themed restaurant perfect for the whole family. 

Outside the cafe are some very acquainted film figures which are sure to entice visitors to come in because they have more eye-catching attractions within. 

Ofcourse, we never passed the chance this photo op with Kingkong. :)

And the moment you enter the restaurant, even the most downer and wimpy person will be enthused by the Hollywood ambiance. We were informed that the show will start at 6pm and we are an hour early. But that's okay and waiting is never a bummer since we are entertained by the film on the big screen on the stage. I also took pictures of the movie characters they have on almost every corner of the restaurant, as well as the random Hollywood celebrities photos and movie posters. There are a total of 100 monitors inside the resto.

They serve special meal inspired by your favorite movies. You can choose whether to go Ala Carte or Buffet. 

Buffet Price:

Dinner Buffet starts at 6:00PM-10:00PM
Php 699.00 add Php 99.00 Drink all you can (soda, coffee/tea, iced tea, juice, draft/beer)
Php 400.00 (6-12 years old)
Php 299.00 (3-5 years old)
FREE (0-2 years old)
Add Php 100 on Fri, Sat, Sun, Holiday and the day before Holidays and Holidays

Midnight Buffet (10PM- 2AM) Php 599.00 All you can drink

We chose Ala Carte since we were not that hungry and we couldn't eat a lot. Too bad buffet is something my small intestine couldn't handle. Here are what we ordered:

Notebook Php420.00

Supremo Php490.00

Eiffel Tower Php420.00
Chocolate Milk Shake Php185.00; Caramel Milk Shake Php185.00 Watermelon Shake Php140.00
My son loves pizza so I ordered the big 18'' Supremo. It's not bad for the price since we really enjoyed the pizza. I find the beverages quite pricey.  We were not able to finish all the foods we ordered so we had takeouts.

As we eat, we were entertained by Hollywood Movie Characters coming out on the stage one by one. They were all nice, accommodating, high spirits and very friendly. They guarantee all guests experience very memorable and fun night. My son was thrilled who will come out next so he glued his eyes on the stage. Its seldom to bump into our fave movie characters that's why my son never wanna missed the chance to had photo ops with each of them. You can tell his level of excitement, just look at the pictures. See? :D

All the characters play amazing performances on every shows. Different musical and movie show productions are lined up every 30 minutes which starts at 6PM til 12MN. My son was amused by Spiderman's show. We felt like we were at the Broadway. The sound effects, costumes and acting were all superb. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish all the shows because it was getting late.

It was great that I was able to meet fellow mommy bloggers there, too.

We really appreciate their warm hospitality and we really enjoyed dining at Movie Stars Cafe. If you are looking for a family friendly restaurant where you can get to have good foods, perfect ambiance, great photo opportunities and experience pure entertainment, this is indeed a perfect place to be.

You are entitled to a 10% discount off your total bill if you use coupon code: QQXV-9161

Learn more about the latest happenings on Movie Stars Cafe on their Facebook Page:
Movie Stars Cafe FB Page

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  1. Movie Star Cafe is perfect for family bonding. Ohh! If I just could travel and be there in a snap. The food are so inviting. I'm starving after seeing those food.

  2. my kids would definitely will love the place.

  3. I've been here before with my family and we really enjoyed our time here..we availed their dinner buffet and stayed there until the show ended :)

  4. We've passed by this place when we went to Vikings last Easter Sunday, and i can't wait to try it out soon..looks like an awesome place to spend some quality time with my family

  5. never been there yet. it looks like an awesome place to bond with family and friends!

  6. sounds great we will surely visit this place one of this days because of the good review

  7. I like to visit Movie Stars cafe soon! Perfect for family bonding! Entertainment is great! Hope fully they'll have more food selections! :)

  8. I will definitely try the place! Thanks for great review! maybe on my son's birthday


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