My First Purchase from Lazada: Agfa Precisa 1430 for My Son

And because my son made it again to the honors, I asked him what he prefers to receive as a gift from me and his Papa. We better ask him because he really tell what he likes. That way, its sure that he will get to enjoy whatever it is that we gave him. 'DIGITAL CAMERA!,' he exclaimed with full of conviction. My husband laughed off, 'Are you serious?' He turned to me, 'Why in all sudden he chose to receive a digicam over android tablet or gaming console?'

I know it has a lot to do with his actions lately. I have noticed he always take pictures of mostly anything around him. He uses my digital camera or my mobile phone to capture anything he fancied. 

Hubby and I decided to buy him digicam since that's what he requested, as a reward for being a good son and kuya and an honored student. I received a bonus from a project I just finished so I have few budget to spare. Also, a digicam is something very useful most especially during family gatherings, capturing family moments. 

 Since Lazada always has great deals to offer, I browsed their online shop and there I found a digital camera that suits best an 8 year old kid's hobby.

I seized on this Black AGFA Photo Precisa 1430 which was on sale and has only one piece left stock before anyone else does. 
•                  14.1 MP
•                  3x Optical Zoom with Image Stabilization
•                  2.4” Auto Brightness LCD
•                  Embedded features:
                    -     Face, Smile and Blink Detection
                    -     Red Eye Removal
                    -     Pan Stitch Panorama
                    -     One-Click Upload

  • LCD Display: 2.4 inch (112,320 pixels)
  • Recording Media: Approx 20MB Internal memory; SD Card / SDHC Card (Up to 32 GB support) External memory
  • Product-dimensions (W x H x D) 3.62inx2.38inx1.19in 92mmx60.5mmx30.35mm; Body Highend plastic

Since I don't have enough remaining Paypal funds, I thjought to just use other payment option. It is very convenient that Lazada also offers COD or Cash on Delivery. Just two days after I placed my order, the package arrived. I gave the payment and showed my ID to the delivery man and he handed me the package with the receipts. 

I let my son opened it since it's his. And to his excitement, I was not able to take a photo of the actual package. 

Here are some of his sample shots:

On this photo, I can tell that he was trying to test the focus of the camera.

What I like about this digital camera, it is very travel friendly. It has a right size and weight perfect to bring when you travel. Very handy for an 8yo child. With this, you'll need a rechargeable battery. The battery life can take 100 photos. Maybe a higher quality brand of battery can make it last for more than 300 shots. The quality of pictures depending on the scene options you use. 

With regards about the video, for me, it has the same quality level like the photos. 

My son enjoys his new camera. He keeps it on a safe place and he knows the proper care for it. He easily learned to navigate the features and settings in just two days. He even requires everyone who are going to hold his digicam to have a clean hands. He doens't like any hint of stains on it. Haha, I feel like he gets a bit matured that he has a bit wide interest now and becomes a bit of OC on his stuff.

For mommies and daddies out there, if you are looking for a child-friendly camera, you may opt to buy AGFA Photo Precisa 1430. Very affordable and easy to use digital camera that a kid will enjoy. It has a good quality for its price. Totally a good buy. 

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