My Zalora Shopping Experience

This is actually my second time shopping at Zalora. And again, it was a smooth transaction. I feel so lucky enough to have acquired a FREE voucher from ZaloraPh after a collaboration here in my blog which I used to spend shopping. Ofcourse since I love shoes, I spent it all on footwear items. Forgive me I chose not to resist the urge. *guilty smile* 

I waited until there is a huuuge sale going on. But what made me a bit sad was the stocks run out so fast. That's how in demand their products are. So you got to be a faster and clever ninja. Grab right away the items you like or watch as it slips through your hands like a sand.
At 2am I finally made my purchase using my free voucher (emphasize on the word FREE. Only if you don't mind, *smile*), my hands were itching to hold my new babies in my bare hands. I received an email the next day that my order has been shipped and since I am in province, I may receive the package 5 to 7 days. Call me OA still I guess it's normal, but a day of waiting feels like forever, too much of excitement eh? What surprised me, the next morning after I received the email, my order arrived! Seriously, that fast. I love you Zalora! I got too adrenalized that I tear off the box right away. 

I love the fitting of each. I thought the US size8 is a bit bigger for me but its just perfect. I chose two flats because I can wear it like anytime. Most times I carry my youngest when we go out and heeled shoes is just unbearable. I just have to get this one wedge because I think it's a cutie. It can rock a simple casual denim shorts getup, don't you think? I will only use it when hubby agrees to be the carry daddy the whole time we are out. He's not hard to convince though, it's just the tantrums of our lil boy is kinda unpredictable and tends to get too clingy to me whenever he already feels tired :)

 I also got hubby a pair of flipflops for his everyday use. Also fits perfectly to him and very convenient for his feet. 

Zalora gave me a discount code that I can use for my next purchase. And I am sure to shop on them again because they always have affordable finds.

It was great working with you Zalora, til next time!

Visit Zalora online and shop for fab and affordable items here: ZALORA Shop
Find them on Facebook: Zalora Facebook

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