Must-Have Summer Foundation: CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation Review

I was so impressed with my goto foundation, CoverGirl Natureluxe (read review here) that I decided to try another Covergirl foundation. Since it's summer, I like a foundation that is perfect on a humid weather. Something that won't melt down right away and it should have a matte finish. This time, I toss coin for CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation. 

Mall price: Around Php500.00

It comes in too many shades that it took me a hard time to choose the shade suits my skintone. My skin is a bit tricky that i look pale on a warm weather. I ended up choosing shade 350. They really don't really have a particular shades name, the shades represented by 3 digit-number. 

Packaging: It comes on a small pot. It looks like it contains so little product because of the small pot container but it really has a lot of product in it. I really prefer tube packaging or a bottle with pump for hygienic purposes. It's a bit unhygienic to dip your finger to get the product. I use spatula which I always wash after each use. I make sure to only get the right amount of product and put it on the back of my hand.

What I like about this foundation, it has a matte finish. You can choose not to use a finishing powder. Just like the CoverGirl Natureluxe, it is very lightweight. You won't feel you have a foundation on despite of the creamy thick texture The feel on skin is the exactly like when you apply a primer on your face. Am I making sense? Because that is exactly how it feels on when I use my ELF Infused Primer. It has a light to medium coverage and a very flawless finish. Also, a little goes a long way so I think I am going to use this for many months. 

As you can see in the picture, it can clearly cover up all the small blemishes and discolorations caused by pimples except for the two big pimples which are really literally big, geez..just look at that! *shy* It's the time of the month that's why breakouts showed up. Although the foundation lessened the redness, it is still noticeable. I chose not to use concealer to test how it could cover up.

After all, it is still a good foundation if you are not a fan of heavy foundation. it is not sticky so that is a plus factor for me. If you have an oily face, you just have to use primer before applying your creme foundation, then finish up with your preferred finishing face powder so your foundation remains intact. It doesn't make me look greasy when I sweat under the sun. I just have to touch up with powder and I am good to go again.

After 8 hours, it melts down. You really need to touch up or just put more foundation on your face. Dont worry because it doesn't cake up even you add another layer after few hours. Some foundations are cakey if you try to put again after your face gets oily. But with this creme foundation, you just have to clean your face with an oil blotting sheet then you can reapply another layer on your face. it worked for me so I am pretty sure it will work for others too. Tadaa... fresh face once again! It doesn't have spf that makes it photo-friendly. It doesn't leave a white cast on face when you take pictures. 

I use this CoverGirl creme foundation base more often lately because I feel like on a hot summer like this, a foundation that doesn't make my makeup melt down is all that I need. It is a decent creme foundation base for it's price.

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