Just few days more to go before kiddos hit the school again! It was a quick summer school vacation but I am pretty sure they are excited to see their friends and classmates again. And sure, they are also excited for their new school supplies! 

Here are quick tips on how to make your shopping a breeze and less stressful!

*Budget Wisely
This should be done 30 days or more before the school classes start. you never wanna fall short of budget.

*Bundles / Promo Package
This could be one of the best way you can save money. Most bookstores have promo to attract consumers. Some offers a complete sets of school supplies for a decent price. Time spent comparing is money saved in the long run. I usually check every bookstores where there I can get more discount.

*Weekdays Shopping
You most likely bump into a lot of shoppers during weekends.

*Online shopping
If you are pretty busy, this could be the very convenient way to shop. You will have all the stuff your child needs delivered to your doorsteps without even breaking a single sweat. There are also great bargains on online shops, you just have to be resourceful in searching.

This is one of the best thing my parents thought me, recycle/reuse. Not everything has to be brand new.  Just like bags that are still in good condition. 

Happy  Back-To-School shopping!