After Mother's Day, we're counting the days to Father's Day! While he never sweat on thinking what to give me,  I really find it hard to choose a gift for him most especially during our first years together. Until I finally figure out the best way on how to find gifts for hubby.

If you find choosing gifts for your husband a bit challenging, you might wanna do a checklist to determine what's the ideal gift for him.

Stylish gifts for husband:

Clothes: A comfy tee of his preferred color and design is something he is sure to wear. A personalized shirt is also something he will sure to appreciate

Watch: Watch is one of men's main accessories. A stylish watch completes a man's outfit. 

Bag: You can choose to give him bag specifically for his needs. If your hubby goes to work everyday, he might need a laptop bag or an office bag for men. If he is the adventurous type of guy, a durable traveling bag is best for him.

Shoes: This is one of men's necessities. Sometimes men stick to one brand of shoes so you might wanna go to his current brand of shoes.

Gadgets: This is if you have enough budget and you really wanna make him happy on this special day!

Fancy Resto: After watching a movie together, treat him out to restaurant of his choice. Or you might wanna explore new dining place to make the day special.

Perfume: Who doesn't wanna smell good at all times? Purchase his fave signatured perfume!

Card: It's just a piece of paper with doodle designs or cute photo of you together and a meaningful handwritten message but this may serve as the sweetest remembrance he might ever had from you.

Remember, it doesn't matter how much you spend for the gift, it is stilll the thought that counts. Love and undivided attention is still the best gift ever, these are just to enthuse your hubby after being the ever loving husband. 

How about you, what's your ideal gift for your hubby or dad on Father's Day?