Wardrobe 101: Smart Shopping

Before you step out of your home, make up your mind on what you will shop for. It is better if you have shopping list of what clothes to buy, type of garments and the sizes. This is to avoid confusion and also to stay you away from buying unplanned items.

Look for versatile pieces.
Make sure you can match it with items that are already in your closet. You will have more chances of wearing than spending on clothes that you'll only get to wear once/twice.

Quality Classics
Allow yourself to spend more on something that you know will stand the test of time - a piece that you'll be able to wear to various occasions.

Always go for comfort and style
Let your personal style come into play but also consider the comfort. It's a bit time consuming but it is better to find items that can make you look great and feel comfy at the same time. This also goes when buying shoes. If your legs are not used in wearing heels, you can go for flats or wedges. You will get to use it more often than investing into something you will not be able to use for longer time.

Invest in Basics
Also called as your go-to outfits. You can never go wrong in basics. This are your wardrobe must haves and will never let you down.

Choose unique accessories
A statement necklace or a cocktail ring can transform an outfit from simple to wow in an instant. Make sure to buy well-made, one of a kind piece and not the cheap easy to break beads.

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