When teaching kids, I realized the importance not let the child feel pressured and just let them learn organically instead. As both of my kids grow up, I try my best to incorporate the teaching on our usual activities that we do in a daily basis to make the learning fun and also allows them to learn through simple things.

I am about to prepare afternoon snacks for my kiddos and I have a pack of marshmallow to add on their cup cakes. The colors of the marsh mallows got my youngest son's attention and one by one he had to put it out from the pack and transferred on a disposable bowl. He also took the glasses on where I supposed to pour on their juice and he instead used it for play.

He is about to turn two next month and about to enter toddlerhood but sometimes I feel like he is already 3years old. He is as active like other kids his age. But I find him more inquisitive and so eager to explore and discover lots of things.

I let him play and observe. At first, it looked like he's a bit of stranger to the texture of marshmallow which is soft and sticky. I demonstrated him how to sort colors and he is kind of picking faster than I thought. I just let him enjoy on what he was doing and never forced him to sort the colors the right way. It's a good start and it's nice to see how he is capable of learning more and more each day. I talk with him about what we are doing because that helps them understand, physically and mentally.

What he is learning in this kind of activity:
Language development. Introducing him to new words like yellow, pink and other colors.
Sorting and moving objects.
Fine motor skill development. Pinching, dropping, picking and throwing the marshmallows.

Learning tools for kids are not only those things that you buy in bookstores. It could be objects that can be found in your home.


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