#iPanelPh Redemption Payment Proof


I am not sure how many times already that I have redeemed in iPanelPh. For all of you who are not familiar with iPanel, here is my review last year. CLICK HERE. And here's my post about my previous successful redemption, CLICK HERE.

I am just so happy that I was able to redeem again last month which I have added the amount I received for my son's back to school shopping. I have became inactive to iPanel lately but I think, I will give iPanel more chance this time. It's not everyday that I receive an opportunity to answer surveys but there are also days when my email is bombarded with survey invitations from them.

And to motivate myself and those who have iPanelph accounts, here is my latest redemption:

The amount might not be big enough but for me, it is something to be proud of, well atleast for me. 

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