Remove Common Stubborn Stains on Your Kid's Uniform

Stubborn stains, anyone? Whether I like it or not, I need to deal with it. Unless I have a lot of penny to buy new uniform, oh come on Lai, in my dreams. 

The truth is, It is very unpredictable what are going to happen in school. Even your kids are very careful not to pick stains, there are still instances they bring home stained school uniform. 

Here are some techniques to remove common stains on my son's school uniform which I learned also from my mommy friends.

How to remove paint on fabric:
Scrape the dry paint with a spoon or scraper. Then, mix equal amount of liquid hand soap and dish washing detergent. Next, rub the mixed solution on the stain with a sponge. Finally, rinse with warm water.

How to remove ink stain:
Spray hairspray directly on the stain and soak for several minutes. You can also use more concentrated rubbing alcohol.

How to remove tomato sauce:
Run cold water through the back of the stain to reinforce the stain back out through the fabric. Then apply a liquid detergent on the stain. You can also use white vinegar applied with a sponge. 

How to remove mud stains:
Let the mud dry and use liquid detergent soap. Use a soft brush to remove the stain. Never try to wipe it off while the mud is still wet to prevent smearing.

How to remove rust
You will need to squeeze a lemon juice onto the stain. Then, sprinkle with salt. When the stain is thoroughly saturated, blot the stain with another cloth until the stain entirely rubs off.


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