Safety Tips For Your Kids During Rainy Season

June is the month when the classes start and the rainy season comes along with it. Kids are more prone of getting sick most especially when they are not prepared.  So, better keep your students equipped on rainy days to prevent getting flu or any sort of virus. Here are some survival tips and guides on how  to help your kids cope on this season.

  • Umbrella/Raincoat. This is a must have during rainy days. Aside from the raincoat, I make sure that my son also brings along an umbrella. Although I always remind him to wait til the rain subside, the rain is very unpredictable that it might pour again when he's on his way home so better equip him with both umbrella and raincoat.

  • Face towel or handkerdhief. Kids must have something to use to dry their hands before they touch their papers and notebooks.

  • Put their papers, books and notebooks on a plastic bag to prevent from getting wet. This should be done to protect their books, notebooks and papers from getting wet. There are also waterproof bags you can buy in department stores.

  • Rain boots. This is another must have to protect and to keep their feet dry.

  • Sweater/Cardigans. To keep them warm.

  • Vitamins / Food Supplements. Keep your kids health at good condition by serving them the right nutrition and food supplement. Make sure to serve them healthy and nutritious foods to make sure they get enough vitamins and nutrients they need to help prevent health problems. 

  • Insect Repellent. During rainy season, we take precautions against dengue. Mostly during and right after rainy season is when the danger of dengue carrying mosquitoes is at high risk. Keep those mosquitoes away from your kids by giving them insect repellent before going to school.

I hope parents find this helpful somehow. In case I missed something, please feel free to write down at the comment box below.


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