#DIY: Recycle and Get Organized

Part of my Organization Project is Recycle and Reuse. Recycle, one creative way to turn a garbage into something usable. Very economical, helps reduce garbage. 

So for today's project, I thought to turn some piece of garbage into something useful. 

You know the SPAM's can? I thought to turn the can into something useful than to throw and add to the trashes in my trash bin. We can always do something useful to cans like this. Just like what I did! 

Look at these plastic donut box from 5 years ago, I guess. I saw it on the garbage bin in the kitchen and I am pretty sure, it's my 8 year old son. I washed it and wrapped washi tape around it. Look, how it turned out.

Here's another disposable bowl from a food takeout. Instead of throwing it, I dressed it up like so.

Now these supposed to be garbage stuff made a room in my vanity. My skin care and makeup products are organized now.

I found this old shoe box and I wrapped it with duct tapes.

I hope you like the DIY project I did today. 
I hope you can also share your DIY or any organization project you an share with me.



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