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 Last month, I published a post that my son is going to take the K5 learning program. My son was so excited that he started to try the program right away. 

Since it requires him to use the computer, I allow him to use my desktop two hours everyday. While taking the lessons, he is very serious in reading and at answering each  questions at the end of each lessons. I have noticed, he likes the spelling so much. 

The structure of the website is very child friendly. My son did not encountered any problem in browsing and navigation. He can easily locate what he needs to click at each page. Very instructional and that the student also the parent assured to have an easy time all through out the program.

My son told me that he spent more time in Reading than Math. I asked him why and he find the Math too easy for him and he needs more challenging activities. Although I can inform K5 Learning to adjust the difficulty level of his lessons, I thought to just let my son to complete the lessons to enhance his math skills and acquire more speed in solving.

During the six weeks of the program, I noticed an improvement in his spelling. He became more confident in reading English phrases as well because he became aware of how to pronounce most of the words. I honestly thought it's gonna turn out boring to him but to my surprise, he enjoyed each lessons because he said he feels like playing online games. Very interactive and they have colorful characters.

His reading ability also improves too! After his two hours on the computer, he will share with me all that he learned on that day later on. I am glad that he also got to learn the correct pronunciation  of  some words.

Overall, I highly recommend K5 Learning program. It is a great way to prepare your kids ahead for school. Also, it will most likely give parents idea on what kinds of lesson their kids will be faced with. With all the strategies that K5 Learning has to offer in each lessons to make the learning fun and interactive, I am sure that kids can easily get the hang of learning.

It is one best way for schooling kids to learn more at the convenience of your own home. Very convenient and effective learning is what it offers. And at the same time, as parents, you can get more ideas on ways on how to gauge your kids into learning. 

Good news for parents out there, K5 Learning offers a 14-day free trial of its complete program. The free trial includes optional free reading and math assessments. 

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