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I am so excited to share one of my holy grail lately, the Zenutrients Body Scrub. To be honest, I am not a fan of scrubs before. I just use facial scrub once a month but never did I use any body scrub for like ages (8 looong years, yeah).

I stopped using body scrubs because I felt like I can't see anything special about bodyscrubs that I have used and none really gave any small change or improvement on my skin at all.

Not until I have received Zenutrients Body Scrub. I was hesitant to try it because as I have said, I have negative impressions in body scrubs.

The first use was definitely addicting. Why? Keep reading!

Product: Zenutrients Body Scrub Revitalizing Eucalyptus & Peppermint
Price: Php234 for 100g / Php390 for 300g
What it claims: Refreshes dull skin. Guaranteed natural and organic.

Contains natural high grade apricot kernels as exfoliant and coconut derived surfactants as a foaming agent, herbal lotion as base, honey, fruit acids and Vitamin E as stabilizers. Removes dead skin and grime efficiently and safely. A must use several times a week for proper and thorough skin exfoliation. source: Zenutrients' website.

How I wish I was born to have a perfect skin. The skin on my elbows, knees and feet were all dry and rough. I don't know, I thought that's something genetic because whatever moisturizing skin care products I use, they just lessen the dryness and roughness a bit but won't totally remove it.

When I got the chance to try Zenutrients Body Scrub Revitalizing Eucalyptus & Peppermint, I was so impressed! It lives to what it claims. I went to shower and use it the first time, and it removed the rough patches on my problem areas in an instant. You will feel the smooth and silky feeling right after bath.

I always use it together with Zenutrients Soothing Green Tea Body Butter (I will do a separate review on it). Right after few days of using Zenutrients product, I felt like my skin is renewed and revitalized. It has never been this smooth before. Me and my mom share same positive experiences in this Zenutrients Body Scrub. Our skins are now supple and smooth.

Zenutrients Body Scrub Revitalizing Eucalyptus & Peppermint is mild enough that I did not experienced allergy. And because of the eucalyptus and peppermint, you will feel cool and refreshing right after you wash it with water. It's mild on skin unlike other scrubs I tried. The scent is very relaxing that you will enjoy scrubbing it all over your body.

My husband also noticed how my skin has improved, see?

I don't use this scrub on my face, I mainly use it for my body. Twice or thrice a week. It comes in a transparent plastic container. I visited their website to check if they have branch here in Tarlac but there is actually none. Luckily, they do offer shopping through their Facebook Page so I can purchase their products easily.

Over all, I soo love this product. Not only me, my mom loves this body scrub as well.

I hope my readers will also try to use this body scrub because it is really worth your money, swear!


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