The Good Box Ph: Your #Healthy Meal Program

I have been leaning towards eating healthy. Ever since I have started my love in organic, I have become aware of what are safe for my family's health.

Just last week, I have been selected to try The GoodBoxPh's healthy, nutritious food in the meal plan.

What is The GoodBoxPh?

The GoddBoxPh is one of the best way to go if you opt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They offer special meal programs filled with nutritious and yummy foods. Each of their meal plans contains of particular number of calories with proper proportions of fat, carb and protein carefully and meticulously planned by their in-house nutritionist and chefs for a balanced meal. So you are 100% sure that you are getting enough nutrients on every meals.

Last Wednesday, I received a complete meal from The GoodBoxPh. It was delivered right at my doorsteps. The delivery rider handed me the ecobag filled with the meals for an entire day. Each menu were packed separately. For the day's menu, I got meals with 1200KCAL. They also use chemical-free containers.

click image to enlarge

Whole Wheat Pancakes
Light Syrup
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A.M. Snack
Tomato and Zucchini Gratin
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Linguini with Chili Tuna and Broccoli
Vegetable Sticks
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P.M. Snack
Oat Cookies
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Herb-Crusted Fish and Crushed Carrots
Brown Rice
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Overall, I am so satisfied on their menu of the day. It feels great to know that all that you have consumed for the day are healthy and nutritious. This is indeed a perfect way to start or maintain your diet. This way, your food intake are limited to healthy and right amount of your body needs.

To learn more about The GoodBoxPh, visit their Facebook Page:
and also check out their websute at:


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