Kiddo's Comfort Food: Breaded Chicken

Hi there mommies? I hope you're all safe on this weather.

I supposed to feature foods best for the weather which is rainy season. But my kiddos comfort food is dry and that's what this post is all about. :P

On cold rainy days we ideally spend most of our time at home: Snuggle, watch tv, eat and.... repeat. What else could you do when the road is wet and it's not a good idea to stay outside.
Speaking of rainy season, the perfect comfort food to serve is soup but if you ask my boys, you'll get 'friend chicken' as an answer. Take note, synchronized pa sasagot yan.

Here is how I usually cook their fave comfort food, breaded chicken using Crispy Fry Original.

1. Chop chicken, wash and drain.
2. Coat chicken on a beaten egg.
3. Coat evenly with Crispy Fry.
4. Heat oil on a pan. Then, deep fry chicken until golden brown.

I will serve the breaded chix with gravy or just a banana ketchup and they seriously ask for more and more, they just can't get enough.


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