If you have a vacant space outside your home or in the backyard, it is a pretty great idea to make use of it. That is what we do. We have plenty of opportunity to plant around my place. That is why every time we have a chance, we try to add different crops and that's one huuuge advantage on our part.

You might wanna know why. Keep reading!

Here are the reasons why you should grow crops:

Saves money. Definitely! How about instead of buying eggplants and veggies at the market, you just pick it up from your garden. At this stage of our life, we force ourselves to scrimp and save for most important reasons.

Saves time and effort. No need to get it from the supermarket, you can have fresh veggies with just a step away. Ultimately hassle-free, ayt?

Valuable time. It makes a great hobby. When we started to grow crops, my husband now spends more time at our garden which is a pretty good thing. And sure, it saves husband from getting into an argument with our 8 year old everyday whether whose turn to use the PSP.

Healthy and safe. You have an assurance that your family consumes healthy meal. We enjoy eating fresh veggies and fruits more than those that we buy from the market.

Earn. We never thought to profit from our crops. Occasionally, neighbors and friends come to get veggies from our garden and they initiate to pay. Although we never really started gardening on that purpose.

But what is also funny, my 8 year old son learned the value of money because of gardening. I find him most mornings at the garden to harvest some veggies and sell them. He keeps the penny he earn and we deposit it to his bank account every month.

There are sure more of advantages in growing your own crops. Those that I have mentioned were just few.

You just have to devote a little time everyday to water and take care of the surroundings. It should be clean and well maintained.

Believe me, it is really worth your time and effort.