Yes, you have read it right, I just got my e-check cleared! I just received $50 for my bubbling activities. A decent amount as an addition to my residual income this month. For some of you who are not familiar with Bubblews, you can read my review about Bubblews HERE.

I can't count how many times I have redeemed in Bubblews and how many failed redemption I had. Maybe I did a violation before that had resulted to not receiving my past redemptions. But moving on, the most important are the earnings I received!

As you can tell, I am really excited because I was not able to keep my account updated like writing posts daily, but still I was able to complete the required minimum redemption amount and tadaa... the $50 is now on my Paypal account. $50 can buy me two 50 kgs sacks of rice which we can consume in three months. I really appreciate it.

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I am telling you, Bubblews is legit. You just have to register and write posts daily. Share your posts to your social media sites, follow rules and you will earn for every views and likes your posts will get. 

So, if you would like to start earning like me, Click HERE to register.

I think I will be more serious in bubbling and I will make sure my posts are updated, EVERYDAY. It's all for me though, to earn more moolah. I needed to work hard now that it is already BER-month! Just few more to go to the holidays and I am pretty sure the number of children knocking our door will double, hahah. 


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