It has been almost two years since I settled into being a WAHM. The main reason behind leaving my job in corporate office is to give way to my full time breastfeeding to my youngest. The first year as a WAHM was harder than I had ever thought. Everyday, I try my best to win over all the elements trying to trounce me.

The main challenge is how to stay productive at work time while dealing with neuralgia of house chores and the rest of mommy duties. At night is the best time for me to work but still I have to work near bed so I can easily attend to my hungry baby when he wakes up twice or thrice whole night. Yes, all night working while nursing, who says that isn't tough? I need to keep my sanity, I am still at the starting stage, goodluck to me. *sighs*

When I am working in the middle of the night and felt sleepy, the bed beside me is such a big temptation, ofcourse I always try my best to fight but it seems like my bed knows my weakness. Don't blame me please, the home duties from morning til night already makes me exhausted and leaves me a little energy at night to work. This year, my toddler just turned two and the constant waking up at night lessened, I thought it is already the best time for me to find a good place at home that I can make my permanent home office and transfer my workstation away from the bed. That way, it helps a lot on me being productive and I can concentrate more during work hours. 

Since we only have a limited space at home, looking for a work station for myself is quite difficult. But I eventually I found myself a good space outside the bedroom with a good amount of space and turned it into an office space. It has to be a small room with a door, you know for those DON'T DISTURB moments. Like when I needed to speak with my clients and no noise should be heard.

Here are some glimpse, way better than my previous work station.

If you are wondering what those blue puzzle mats are for, I just thought to allocate a mini corner for my toddler where he can play or take a nap on an afternoon if I needed to sneak or check on my online activities.

I plan to decoupage the table and paint the walls with light blue. I actually have a lot of DIY projects in mind right now. Now, I still have to work on the wall paint, organization and buy myself a good working chair so my back won't hurt and my posture won't suffer. This is still currently on the working process but I can already work in it. I need more inspiration for decoration and accessories. I will update soon here in my blog about how my office decoration and organization goes.