Another DIY Project that I did last month was this glittered jar. Obviously, I have lots of late posts and this is one of the bunch. Moving on, as I have revealed in my recent blog post, I am currently working on my home office and this is one of the few ideas that came in mind. I thought I need something to put my makeup brushes into or maybe my pens. So, I came up with this glittered jar and the idea is from Pinterest.

You can easily do this glittered jar because all the materials we need are as simple as the instruction.


Empty jar


  • Spread glue inside the jar. Make sure you don't miss a single spot.
  • Pour the glitters inside the bottle. Once the glitters touched the jar, it will stick to it. 
  • Then roll the jar so the jar will be filled with glitters. Yu can use multiple colors of glitters, it is actually up to your liking.

You can use this glittered jar for pens or even for makeup brushes (initial plan). I thought this glittered jar can add life to my working station beside my computer. It replaced the old glass pen holder.


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