Electric piano is one of the most common musical instruments people would love to learn. I have actually tried to learn playing some basic music using the electric piano I have bought 5 years ago. Playing piano actually makes you forget time because for me it somehow calms my spirit and relieves stress.

Two years ago, I gave the electronic piano as a gift to my niece since she'd been wanting to have one. For me, it is nice to see her interested in playing music and when it eventually develop overtime, then that's a beautiful talent. I know it is too early to tell but we were all excited to. Piano players she watch online inspires her so much.

 Right now, she could play almost all the songs she has on her manuals and she plays fantastic. So this coming holiday, my sis and I are planning to get another digital piano but this time of great quality. We have been looking around since last week. And yesterday, we already found the best electronic piano for her.

I can only imagine the big WOW of the cute lil lady soon she got it.


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