*If the previous year's decorations are still in good conditions, why buy new ones! Using the old decorations is one way of saving up. There are also other ways on how to spend less on decorations like making do-it-yourself decorations.

*Never let the coming holiday stress you out. We all know it is one of the most stressful month.
Estimate how much you are willing to spend for the holiday and make a list of your expenses. Don'tgo beyond the amount you can allot because that will just add problem after holidays.

*Take advantage of the holidays to earn moolah. You can hold a garage sale and sell your stuff that you will no longer use. If you have a passion in cooking or baking, you can make cookies and cupcakes to sell your friends.

*Discounts! Get the first dibs of discounted items.

*There is a so-called shopping strategy. if you can accommodate to shop two or three items to every regular shopping you do before the holidays and however reduce the items from your Christmas shopping list, that's gonna save you from Christmas rush. More tips HERE.

*Plan ahead! Where and with whom are you going to celebrate the holidays with? Make sure you got all that you need noted so you can determine your budget. It is always good to be prepared than sorry. Click HERE for more tips on how not to overspend this Holiday.


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