El Real: Pasta Cravings

Pasta can never be absent in a pantry of a home who everyone loves pasta dishes. We are certified pasta lovers and there is not a week passed that we don't enjoy pasta together. One of the pasta brands we love is El Real Pasta.

"EL REAL’s special quality pasta retains the richness of your pasta sauce allowing you to savor every mouthful!" - El Real's Facebook Page

What makes it different from other pasta brands, it is relatively affordable which nearly all mommies in a budget like me preferably look for. El Real pasta is easy to cook and very firm. It cooks up nicely and has a smooth texture. I don't really like mushy pasta because it doesn't tastes that good. El Real Pasta tastes like pasta should, one of the best tasting pasta we ever tried. It makes our every pasta recipe very scrumptious. One of the best pasta choices in our local market.

You can also read the directions on how to cook the pasta at the back side of each pack which is really helpful.

To learn more about their product, visit El Real Pasta's Facebook Page


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