Low Budget Meal: Kinamiasang Manok

Today, I got too busy because today is kitchen general cleaning day. I supposed to prepare fish according to my weekly menu but my son requested chicken for our lunch. Whats so sweet, he showered my face with kisses before I could ever answer. lol. That has always been his gesture to get my 'yes'.

Since we are also trying to come out for low-budget dishes lately, I came out to a chix dish which is Kinamiasang Manok that won't hurt our wallet much.

My husband raises chickens which are perfect for times like this when anyone craves chicken meat. As we all know, chicken provides meat and eggs. We also grow crops on the vacant lot to help us save on the cost of foods.

We also have kamias on the backyard so I just hand picked some.
Everything were just in our backyard so you can probably guess just how much it had cost me. Not even more than Php20.00

It is not the first time we had Kinamiasang manok. The kids love this dish so much. This delicious sour soup will really make you come back for more.


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