NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION of an Imperfect Mom

1. Fixed schedule of Laundry, and stick to it!
2. Don't let hubby wash dishes to prevent me from buying new drinking glasses at the end of each month.
3. Wake up before the kids does so I won't wake up on a bigger mess.
4. During family dates, fix my face and put on makeup first before the impatient kids are ready because you can't let them wait.
5. Get serious in recycling and save money.
6. Add creativity in organization and kids activity plans.
7.  Don't fix things yourself when you know you can't, ask help! Look what just happened to the sink, its terrible and cannot get any worst. ;(
8. Pay bills on schedule.
9. Stop the I can do it tomorrow when I can do it Today.
10. Go out on a family date atleast 2-3 times a month.
11. Learn more skills.
12. Improve photography skills.
13. Publish blog posts atleast 5x a week.

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