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9:11 AM

I have been using Payu2Blog for quite a while now and I wanna share with you how to earn from it and my own experiences as well.

PayU2Blog pays bloggers for completing assignment tasks which requires writing atleast 60 words of blog post with keywords and links. You are required to finish the tasks before the due date which usually takes less than two weeks.

How much they pay? $5.00 or above per completed task.
Payout date: Every 15 days / twice a month.
Requirements: Blog should be more than 6 months old. They only accept PR 1 blogs and above.

Some blogger finds the payout too low. But for me, the $5 for a 60 word article is just enough. It is still money though. 60 words blog post is not that hard to compose and one can do it in less than an hour. However, payout increase is greatly appreciated.

To be honest, some topics they give are not even related to your blog. That will test your creativity as a blogger on how to incorporate the keyword to a post related to your blog.

The digits I earned ever since I started with Payu2Blog is not bad at all. I have received numerous payouts and those were added to my residual income which helped pay the bills. The last task I received was last week and I did four tasks.

Please click HERE to view few of payment proof photos from PayU2Blog.

Sometimes, I receive extra tasks for twitter that all I needed to do is to tweet a post and they pay $5/tweet.

Final words? Payu2Blog is awesome.


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  1. Hi, I just got accepted into Payu2blog and got a few questions that I hope you could answer:

    1. Do I have to get a certain amount of traffic to each post to get paid or does it not matter?
    2. Do I have to promote my posts on social media?
    3. How many posts do you do in a week?
    4. I gave them my Twitter info too, what exactly do they want you to do on Twitter?

    I'd like to keep them happy so that I could keep working for them. Anything else I should know?
    Thanks for doing this post! Most of the posts I read about them are from a while ago, it's nice to have a more recent review on them :)

  2. Hi. What are the dates of their payout? Thanks!


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