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Personal Collection White Dove Baby Products #Review

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As my children grows up, they develop different potentials. That is why I never stop from trying new products to best suit their changing needs. Now I would like to share my review about my newly discovered baby product, White Dove. This is not new in the market, I have seen several mommies using this to their kids but this is just the first time I let my son tried this. I chanced upon this brand of baby products when I was with group of mommy friends. Some of them recommended to try White Dove brand for my toddler.

Just a little background about this product, White Dove is a quality product of Personal Collection. I ended up buying White Dove baby powder and baby shampoo because he still has a lot of body wash, soaps and other baby supplies to consume.

The smell-like baby on both shampoo and powder is mild and gentle which doesn't hurt my son's smell. FYI, his sense of smell is quite sensitive that he doesn't like anything too fragrant because it triggers his allergy.

His skin is not as sensitive though as years went by. However, I always wanted products that won't irritate him. At his age, he is so active and plays a lot. He sweat like crazy but he smells fresh even after hours of playing when I put powder on his neck, back and underarms. The baby shampoo's smell stays all day and even on the next day! His hair has become smoother and no tangles. Even if he perspires alot, his hair doesn't smell maasim. My inlaws who sometimes visit late afternoons love to cuddle and shower him with kisses. But I won't have to worry that he doesn't smell nice after an all day play because the scent of these products is long wearing. I really like that the baby scent still lingers on his hair and skin even until we kiss goodnight.

I highly recommend White Dove especially for babies who have sensitive skin. It is true to what it claims mild and hypo-allergenic. I never had regrets for trying this product. I even recommended this brand to my sisters with toddlers and babies and they also fell in love because of the scent and it never irritate their little ones' skin as well.

You can buy White Dove products in Personal Collection dealers and stores nationwide. 
For more information about White Dove and Personal Collection, Click to visit their official Facebook Page


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  1. I think I have tried using that products before, during those times that my children are still toddlers too and they're ok naman

  2. I haven't tried that yet..but it's good because it's hypoallergenic

  3. Haven't tried that product yet, but looks good kasi hypoallergenic.

  4. Like you, I also try different products but I haven't tried this one. I'll check that in the grocery.

  5. Where I can buy this one? I want to try it for my son thanks

  6. I haven't tried this but I've tried some PC products and loved them.

  7. My daughters have both skin asthma and sadly we don't use baby powder.Their baby shampoo has always been cetaphil or cetaphil restoraderm.

  8. I have never heard of this product until today. I'm the type kasi who don't switch products. Hehehe. But it looks good. Plus, it's hypoallergenic pa :)

  9. Haven't tried white dove before but after reading this review, I might give it a try.

  10. I haven't heard of this before. It seems like what I need for my active boys who always smell maasim after playing.

  11. Haven't tried this brand before... At least now I know that this brand is also good, will be trying this if I got the chance. :D thanks for sharing!

  12. I am a PC Dealer anyone interested to buy pc products .here's my fb email add
    joannalynrodriguez04@y.c all pc products are affordable and good quality and tested by experts.

  13. Especially mothers are quite sincere about the use of baby products for their babies; therefore they used to inspect different types of baby products before use for their babies. White Dove is also a good product especially design for growing children it is skin friendly especially for soft skins and makes the skin soft and glow. So it is safe to use White Dove for children; this article describes about the complete review of this product and I hope we should use these products for better results; but after consulting with our experts.


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