Hayan Korea is a Korean beauty brand initially introduced here in the Philippines three years ago and they already have branches in some of our major shopping malls. I have actually tried some of their cosmetics products and they deliver pretty well. 

Since last year, I have indulged myself in using body scrubs because of it's many skin benefits. I use body scrubs once or twice a week to exfoliate and achieve softer skin.

I have tried Hayan Lavender Salt Body Scrub which I have heard some positive feedbacks. 

Just like other body scrubs, it cannot be used on face because its tiny beads of salts might cause damage to your face in the long run. 

I squeezed a small amount on my palm, then a decent amount of product came out. The lavender scent and color of the scrub is already mesmerizing and relaxing, which makes me giddy using this product right away. 

It has a gel like texture with tiny beads of salts. The beads dissolve just fast as I gently massage the product on my skin. I focus more on my elbows, knees and feet. Just make sure you use gentle motion to make sure you don't over do it. It says in the direction to apply on damp skin in circular motions. After leaving it on skin for 10 minutes, I rinse it thoroughly. Tadaa I like the smooth after feel. 

Final Verdict:
The effect it leaves on my skin is satisfying because it makes my skin very soft and smooth to touch. The small beads doesn't feel harsh on my skin which is great unlike other body scrubs that I've tried which almost injured my skin. It has a creamy texture but it does the job great. It can be a little drying on skin so make sure to apply lotion after bath while your skin is damp. 

Overall, I really love this product. The aromatherapy is something that I am mostly liking in this product because I really like the soothing effect it gives. For those who have sensitive skin, this is something I can recommend since this is not harsh on skin.