My day is spent entirely on my full time job as a Virtual Assistant, taking care of my two kids (a toddler and a 9 year old) and never-ending house chores (cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc).  That's how hectic my schedule is on a daily basis since I never like the idea of hiring any type of house help. 

We are living on a fast paced life that we often compromise some of important things without even realizing it, one of which is our health and wellness. For the past couple of years, I had an epiphany that we were not mindful about living a healthy lifestyle that led me and my husband to a very important decision. This 2015, both of us made a choice to take a leap into living better by not only taking our health into consideration but to make it as a priority.

Choose the Right Foods
Establish healthy eating habits. To start it off, I made a meal plan composed of healthy meals. I also updated my grocery list and recipe. This is quite challenging for me since I have to come up with a healthy meal that my kids will also love. More on veggies and fruits and less on fatty foods. 

Start Using Organic Products
Recently, organic products are hit in the market. It only means more and more people have become aware that organic products are way cost efficient and safe. Whenever I use organic products, it gives some sort of security, knowing what you use is safe. Last year, I decided to jump on the bandwagon but at a snail's pace. I am guilty, although most of my skin care products are organic, there are still some products I cannot give up. 

Performing Physical Activities
Improving your health is not only by the foods we eat but also to our daily physical activities. Most of us have adverse view of hitting the gym. We think that working out is only for those who want to improve their figure or look sexy. Yes, that might be one of the many reasons but also hitting the gym or exercise is important to improve durability of muscles required for daily activities and to burn up more calories. Keeping fit improves your energy and combats health conditions and diseases.

Choosing the Perfect Health Care Partner
One of the well-known Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that has an exceptional wellness program is PhilCare, perfect for employees and a mom like me who focus on getting the best healthcare products and services. Top HMO provider in the Philippines, PhilCare, rewards its clients by bringing effective and quality services they deserve. They have different affordable healthcare programs especially designed to fit your specific needs which you can avail by visiting their website. Under personal package your options are; PhilCare Clinic Health Packages, Emergency Care and Hospitalization, Annual Physical Exam / Pre-employment Exam and affordable PhilCare Clinic Health Packages which you can using Debit Card (Bancnet / ATM) or Over the Counter (7-11 or M.Lhuillier). Additionally, PhilCare offers a responsive set of corporate health coverage bodes well both for employers and their employees.

For more information about PhilCare, please visit their website and social media:

Healthy Lifestyle is a choice we need to start. With a good attitude towards health and wellness, you can make the most out of life.