As parents, we know all too well the struggle of getting our little ones to eat their greens. Many kids are fussy eaters and are picky about what they will and won’t eat, which makes it difficult to incorporate healthy snacks into their diet.

Even when you have been giving your little one healthy snacks since they were tiny, there may still come a time when they refuse to eat anything green. Don’t worry, this is normal, all kids go through stages.

However, as a mom, when your child refuses to eat healthy foods it can be worrying. Especially, if, like me, you are an organic mommy. But what can you do? Is there any way you can encourage your tots to eat their fruits and veggies?

To help you encourage your little ones to enjoy healthy foods, I have put together this handy guide below. It should help to get your tots back on track with their healthy eating.

  • Make healthy snacks fun.

Don’t just plonk an apple down in front of your little one, take the time to make healthy snacks as fun as possible. The more appealing the snack looks, the happier your child will be to eat it.

Arrange snacks, like a fruit salad on their plate in a creative way. You could arrange your little ones snack into a face or the shape of their favourite animal. If you make the effort to make eating healthy foods fun and enjoyable, in no time at all eating healthy snacks will become second nature to them.

  • Let your little one play with their food.

Don’t stop your children from playing with their food. Encourage your little one to get creative with their food by giving them broccoli florets to build a forest with or strawberries to turn into mountains.

Play along with your child and join in their food games. See who can use carrot sticks to spell their name the fastest or who can create the best smiley face with fruit.

  • Make smoothies.

If your little one has a real problem with eating healthy foods, it could be caused by the texture of the foods, not the taste. To encourage them to try new flavours, invest in a nutribullet or ninja blender and use it to make fruit and vegetable filled smoothies for your little one to snack on.

To teach your child about how foods taste, get them to help you make their smoothies. Chop up the fruit and vegetables and let your child put different bits into the blender to make their smoothie.

  • Eat healthy snacks with your child.

To encourage your child to eat healthily, join them for snack time. Sit down with your little one and make snack time into something you do together.

Start off eating the same snacks as your child, and then once your child knows they like a particular snack move on to something else. Chances are that if your child sees you eating something, they are going to want to try it, too.