Personal Collection, one of the leading direct selling companies in the Philippines, welcomes the newest member of its White Dove Baby Care Family - White Dove Baby Milk Soap that protects babies' skin against disease-causing bacteria and germs.

Baby skin is thinner and more delicate than adult skin that is why it is less resistant to germs and bacteria. Babies need a gentle yet effective soap that provides extra protection against bacteria that cause disease and infection.

What I like about this soap, it has a sweet mild scent perfect for babies. My youngest uses this soap and it doesn't dry up his skin. The gentle formula leaves moisture to his skin. It keeps him smelling fresh every after bathe and the scent lingers on his skin even after few hours.
One of the good sides of this soap is it doesn't easily melt like other baby soaps I've tried. It is very affordable priced at P59.00.

It's the only baby soap with 4 in 1 care protection. Cleanses, moisturizes, germ protection and odor protection.

The White Dove Baby Care line is available exclusively through Personal Collection dealers.
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