Well for today, I am going to share a review about something I don't personally use. Because this is a bathe essential used by my hubby. For mommies out there, who decides when it comes to your husband's bathe essentials?

My husband doesn't care which brand to use when it comes to his bath soap. I don't know why but for him, all soaps are just the same with performance and all the benefits. I can buy him any brand of soap and he doesn't mind at all.

Just last month, I had him try this ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap. This whitening and antibacterial soap is specifically formulated for men to meet their daily needs. Most men are active which makes them sweat a lot and with the presence of bacteria produce unpleasant odor.

ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap, 110g retails for P65.00.

My husband loves this soap especially the clean after clean. The scent is very refreshing and manly. It has a cooling effect which he finds very interesting in this soap. Its not dry on skin which is good since he suffers from dry skin.

This soap has a unique design, as you can see at the back of it that looks like that stuff that is used to massage your back. Uhm, I forgot what its called but this soap looks exactly like that.

This is very affordable, you can get it for only P65.00 as it's regular price at any Personal Collection dealer nationwide.

This is a must have for him, for the first time he got a favorite soap to use.

ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap is distributed by Personal Collection.

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