Do you happen to have empty jars at home like the powdered coffee or creamer jars? I am pretty sure you have, check your kitchen. If you happen to see one or more you can make use of it, don't just throw away.

One of the things I love to repurpose are jars like this since there are bunch of useful things you can make out of it. Repurpose, big word. As we all know, repurposing can help reduce waste, save money and cut the environmental costs of making new items.

Here's just a simple way on how to repurpose your empty coffee jars. This is useful especially for mommies like me who loves the ideas of repurposing and makeups all at the same time.

I love how useful the empty jars turned out, I got two brush holders with lids. I badly need brush holders with lids and buying acrylic brush holders are just not priority because we need to control our expenses and just buy the important things we need at home. Well, I don't think I will be needing to buy since coffee jar is a great alternative. You can make it more personalized by adding little decorations like ribbons or decorated washi tapes. I painted the lid after I took the photos and it came out just perfect.