The summer has started and we have tons of activities lined up for the family. Days passed so fast and we wanted the kids to enjoy the school break and make the best out of summer. So as our kids grow old, they will always remember the fun we always have during summer and will pass to their kids and even their grand children. Our efforts to give the best for our kids, help make us parents a better person as well. And how do we make the best out of summer with the kids and the whole family? I summarized and listed down below. 

1. Protection
Kids will always be kids, and they want to enjoy everything life can offer. Most of the time they would want to play under the sun and that is something that gives us worries because rays of the sun is damaging. The best we can do is to equip our kids sunscreen protection to avoid their skin from getting burn. I use Human Nature Safe Protect for Kids Mineral Sunscreen for my kids, one of the most trusted product when it comes to skin protection. Expose your kids outside, they're only kids once so let them enjoy the moment!

2. Summer Outfits
At any season, one of the factors to keep in mind is clothing. Gear up your kids the most comfortable summer outfits. It could be the new trends or the style that matches your child's personality, anything that's light and easy. I always go for good quality and comfort when it comes to choosing their clothes and footwear just to make sure it is worth the investment. I found an awesome selection of clothing for kids at ZALORA's Marketplace. 

3. Activities
List down indoor or outdoor activities for your kids to make their summer productive and enjoyable. It can be as simple as doing artworks to exploring nature. Use this list as a jumping-off point for your own brainstorming. You can give them the full opportunity and encouragement for their existing talents and skills to flourish by enrolling to music lessons if your child is into music, swimming lessons or other sports that your child loves doing. You might also let them try something new, explore your kids potential through a range of development workshops. Help your child develop a new hobby perhaps, something the whole family can do together. Doing something together is fun and a great bonding time. 

4. Visit Places
This is indeed exciting and enjoyable. To most families, traveling is rare, why not do it on summer. Plan a picnic, go to parks, swimming on beach, visit historic places, drive out of towns, visit relatives, and the list goes on. Make sure all your important stuffs are packed especially that you are travelling with your child. One way to ensure you have a great trip is Plan Ahead, to guarantee a hassle-free bonding. 

That's it! 
Happy Summer!