A family room addition is one of the best home additions you can make. As long as improvements are comparable to other homes in your neighborhood, you can count on a return up to 64 percent of the addition costs when you sell your home. 

On average, a good size family room, 18 feet by 25 feet, can cost you as much as $85,000 depending on materials you choose. However, a family room addition will cost considerably less per square foot than an average kitchen, bathroom or laundry room addition since it doesn't typically include plumbing fixtures or large appliances. 

Although your return on investment for any home addition varies based on geographic location and cost of materials, it's important to avoid over-improving your home based on your specific neighborhood criteria. Take a look at houses in your area that are similar in size, style and value. Make sure that your family room addition doesn't cost you more than you can recoup based on home values in your area. If you think you may over-improve your home, consider lower-cost ways to add a family room by knocking down interior walls, finishing the basement, or converting a spare bedroom. 

If you build a new family room, you'll have more options with size, layout, materials and finishes. A new family room will provide years of enjoyment for your family and a healthy return on your investment, especially if you stay in your home for three to five years. For more information or to get renovations now, visit us at web.com.