When Argan Oil has become popular last year, I belong to those who really eager to try the wonders of it. It took a while for me to score a bottle of argan oil since it is a bit pricey. Why I need it? Having a very dry skin and hair during extreme weather, an argan oil is reckoned to help me get through those times.

The part of my body which the paucity of moisture is in highest demand are my feet. First time in my existence that average callus has formed in my feet  together with intense dryness that resulted to cracked heels. I must admit, it has made a slight fall off my self-confidence that I got shy of going to footspa and even wearing flip-flops because it shows off my feet.

I am glad to get Cynos Body and Thairapy early this year. Cynos Morocco Argan Oil "Liquid Gold" from Morocco, nourishes and moisturizes. I got the 100ml bottle, I guess this will last a few months to me. A little goes a long way, one pump of the product is enough to cover a whole foot.

 I started using Argan Oil by applying it on both of my feet, before bedtime. After a week, the problem areas on both of my feet shows improvement. The callus become softer, not as hard as before and the cracks were not as deep. Yey, I am infused with excitement on keeping my hand in using the product.

I also use this argan oil on my hair and it really help gives back the lost moisture without making it look greasy, the dryness gradually disappears. I get two or three pumps of the product and massage it on my scalp down to the tips of my hair. I do it twice a week.

After two months of continous foot care using Cynos Body and Thairapy Argan Oil, my feet is now callus free and cracked free. yey, Additionally, the bottom part of my both feet becomes a little pinkish. Even I no longer have those major problems on my feet, I still use argan oil every night as part of my routine, I have learned to hold a proper care for feet to avoid result many problems again.

For an effective way to remove those cracked heels and mild calluses, I highly recommend Cynos Body and Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil.

For more info about Cynos Body and Thairapy Argan Oil, visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/cynosinsidehaircare