Ever Bilena Citronella Lotion #Review

I was  not aware that my favorite local cosmetic brand, Ever Bilena also offers skin care products like lotion until I stumbled upon a brochure of Ever Bilena products from an SA. It's nice to see that they also have the Citronella lotion, so I bought one right away.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am scared of mosquito bites. I have reviewed few mosquito repellent lotions in the past. This lotion comes very handy wherever we are since I am fond of applying lotion for skin protection.

This lotion is very affordable, you can get a 100ml full lotion product for only P60. Still a steal for a budget conscious mom like me. 

The lotion itself is water-based. It has a very light texture, its not watery though. I really like that it is easily absorbed by the skin. It is not sticky on skin but you will feel that the product is there. The scent comes off strong for me, you smell that strong citronella scent  upon opening the bottle, most especially upon application. If you are not fond of strong scented lotions, don't worry because the scent doesn't last long as the product absorbs by the skin, the scent dramatically fades as well as minutes passed. I guess the scent is the indicator of protection, if the scent is no longer there, it means you already need to reapply. After application, your skin is protected for just a couple of hours and it is necessary to reapply every two hours most especially if you are outdoors. Just be careful not to apply to hands of your kids. I doubt it has moisturization effect on skin since it is not written neither the product claims it has. It's just a plain lotion with Citronella for skin protection. 

It's nice that you can read all the ingredients at the back of the bottle so you will know if you have any allergy of the ingredients. It contains Glycerine, Carbomer, Vitamin E and water. 

Overall, I am glad I have tried this lotion, it did quite a god job in protecting the skin of my family. 

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