My 6 Tips For A Practical And Beautiful Nursery

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When you are organizing and decorating your new baby’s first room, it can be difficult to know where to start. Ideally, you want to create a space that is beautiful, comfortable, practical and safe all at the same time. But I know that balancing all these components is not easy. With two little ones of my own, I have had some practice in decorating nurseries, and so I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with any new Mom’s who are reading. Here are my tips for creating a practical and beautiful nursery for your newborn.

Tip 1: Choose the room carefully
Most of us don’t have the luxury of choosing between various rooms in our home. But if you can afford to be a little picky, this can help you out. For example, if you can avoid setting up a nursery next to a loud room, like the kitchen, this will mean less disturbance for your baby while he or she sleeps.

Tip 2: Do take natural light into account
A lot of natural light in the nursery during the day and in the summer evenings can affect your baby’s sleep. Consider installing blackout blinds or curtains in order to create a more sleep-friendly environment.

Tip 3: Consider the future when decorating (to avoid redecorating)
I have learned that it’s a good idea to think about the future use of the nursery when decorating. If you intend your child to stay in that room for many years, this can affect your choice of decor. While every parent wants their baby’s first room to be utterly adorable, it may be more practical to avoid anything too babyish. Use neutral colors on the walls and floor, and use temporary decorative items like wall stickers, toys, bedding, etc. to give the room that cutesie element.

Tip 4: Gather inspiration online
If you have lots of ideas in your head but you are not sure how to bring them all together, I have found that it is especially helpful to look for ideas and images online. Pinterest is a very useful site for nursery inspiration, and you can bring all your ideas together using their mood boards.

Tip 5: Buy from reputable stores

When you are buying furniture for your baby’s first room, you want to have the peace of mind that it is safe. Therefore, it’s important to purchase these products from reputable stores. You can buy quality cots at Cuckooland, or you can rely on a recommendation from your family and friends.

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Tip 6: Ensure ample storage space
Babies come with an enormous amount of stuff! If you don’t have adequate storage, you’ll forever be tripping over toys and shoes and losing things in the mayhem. Make sure you have plenty of storage space for toys, clothes, nappies, baby products, etc.

It can be challenging to create the perfect nursery for your newborn. However, you are certainly making the right start by doing your research. Keep planning and I’m sure you’ll create a practical and absolutely beautiful first room for your little one

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