My Breastfeeding Journey: Tips and Advice

As a mom, I feel that I made the right choice to breastfeed my son from birth until now that he just turned two years old. I know nothing about breastfeeding when I was starting and there were no one in the know to advice and guide me on what to do. I just learned by my own, and from some info which I read and watched online and in television.

I love sharing my own experience as a full time BF mom to my fellow mommies. I have written several blog posts about breastfeeding and the benefits it gives not only to mommies but also to babies. Now, I would like to share some tips in breastfeeding which I also learned from my own experience to help mommies out through their own journey to breastfeeding.

  • When nursing your baby, make sure the head is elevated to prevent from choking.
  • Help your baby burp after nursing, to bring up the wind and release air from your baby's tummy.
  • Eat foods that help produce milk like malunggay leaves.
  • If you feel like the supply of milk is not enough for your baby, ask your pediatrician for food supplements specifically to help produce more milk.
  • Don't pump until 4 months because it will cause mastitis and oversupply.
  • Your body burns an extra 500 calories to produce milk so make sure to monitor foods you consume. When hunger come over just EAT and keep hydrated.
  • Almond or soya milk should not be offered to babies under 1 year of age.To prevent any allergies forming at that young age.

For working moms, breastfeeding is still possible since you can pump like most of the moms do. Breastfeeding and working at the same time is possible. Our breastmilk is supposed to be fed to our babies and not waste. It is best to express milk every 2-3 hours, if not, you might notice drop of milk supply. For info on how to get breastmilk storage bag and how to use it, pls click here. Most companies have breastfeeding station where you can have your own space to breast pump during work. Also, breastfeeding moms are entitled to have a 40-minute paid lactation break per day. After work, unlilatch your LO for continuous milk supply. I know how challenging it is to breastfeed for working moms, but believe me, the rewards exceed the challenges.


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