Tips For Creating The Perfect Playroom For Keeping Your Kids Entertained

Before I had children myself, I must admit that I never understood why kids needed a while playroom. I couldn’t understand why a child would need a playroom when they had their bedroom to stash their toys in. But now I am a mommy myself, I understand just how many toys children have - far too often, my house resembles an exploded toy factory.

Even if you have the best storage solutions in your child’s bedroom, it doesn't stop them from turning your house upside down, in a few seconds flat. While some kids are happy to play in their bedrooms, I have learned from experience with my son, that he likes to be downstairs near me.

Having toys downstairs all the time can make your home look messy, that’s where a playroom comes in. If you are lucky enough to have a spare downstairs space, then turning it into a playroom is the ideal solution.

To help you create the perfect playroom for your child, I thought I would share a few of my top tips for creating a playroom.

Clear out the space

Before you can start, the first step is to clear out the room you are going to use. Even if it already has toys in it, it’s important that you clear it out. It’s much easier to come up with design ideas when you are working with a clear, open space.

Go through your child’s toys

Perhaps you went a little mad at Christmas or the grandparents have been spoiling them, whatever the reason for the crazy amount of toys, it doesn't matter. Just ensure that before you create a playroom, that you go through them all and chuck at least a few out.

Go through every toy your child has and separate them into three piles - keep, throw away, donate - then sort them out. If your child gets upset that you are throwing their toys out, explain to them that you are only getting rid of things, they no longer need.

Plan, plan, plan

The most important thing you can do when creating a playroom for your child is plan. Planning is key because it allows you to come up with ideas for the space and work out how much you can afford to spend on it.

Before doing anything, create a list of all the things you will need to transform your spare room into a playroom for the kids. Creating a list will ensure that you don’t find yourself short of money with a half finished playroom.

A big part of the planning process should include thinking about what you want to put in the playroom, apart from toys, of course. A mini table and chairs, storage containers for toys, and an easel for painting are all musts.

Add educational items

As well as having lots of your child’s favorite toys in your playroom, adding in a few educational features is also a good idea. Things like a giant blackboard, book shelf, and dressing up crate with all sorts of items in, are all ideal.

Dressing up crates are an amazing educational resource, as they teach children vital life skills. To create a dressing up crate, your kids will love, add lots of fun bits and bobs. For boys, swords and fireman costumes are popular, whereas for girls, a kids tutu and fairy princess dress always go down well.

Ask your kids for ideas

Before creating a plan for the playroom, why not ask your little ones for ideas? It is their playroom after all, so they should have some say in it.

I asked my son what color he wanted his new playroom to be; he said blue, so I painted the playroom cream and blue.

For kids, having their own space where they can keep their toys and play in is fantastic. Especially, if it is downstairs near you.

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